With a portfolio ranging from minimalism to realism, storefront to screen, and operas to amphitheaters, MEANS OF PRODUCTION's first love is theatrical scenery.  We deliver and install nationwide, and our team of artists, designers, carpenters, welders, painters, and technicians is capable of realizing any design in any space imaginable.

With capital improvements by the award-winning team at MEANS OF PRODUCTION, you can create a retail space, lobby, office, dining area, or meeting room as specific as your company itself.  Our creative crew will help you develop an environment that reflects your unique culture and message, supports your workflow, and resonates with clients, customers, and employees.


Events, promotions, launches, galas, conventions, and sales pitches are made memorable with custom props by MEANS OF PRODUCTION scene shop in Chicago.  Whether temporary, reusable, indoor, or outdoor, we create pieces that catch the eye and inspire audience reaction,establishing your message in unexpected ways and places.

Set your retail space apart from the ordinary with custom fixtures by MEANS OF PRODUCTION. Unique cabinets, counters, displays, shelving, and lighting reinforces your brand and meets your staff and customers' specific needs. From design to installation, we craft spaces that show off your product, reflect your company culture, and contribute to workspace efficiency.

Make your mark on displays, packaging, components, and products with flawless laser engraving that unmistakably announces your brand. From objects as large as 2 feet to as small as 1/4 inch,  MEANS OF PRODUCTION delivers consistent results for any size job, on any engravable material.