For his annual Halloween Special, consummate showman and Emmy winner Steve Harvey went all out with a quirky carnival theme engulfing his entire Chicago soundstage.

Working with only limited verbal direction from the Steve Harvey Show's art department, and on a 5-day turnaround, Means Of Production designed, created, built, and delivered a series of camera-ready set pieces resulting in a soundstage-wide appropriately themed environment, including painted backdrops, rigged signage, and 3-dimensional figural details.  In addition, Means Of Production project managers liaised with Local 476 union crew to guide a smooth and accurate one-day installation.

Founded in 1898, high-end department store Saks Fifth Avenue fosters a culture of elegance, and their Chicago flagship store turned to Means Of Production's scene shop to provide a series of modifiable fixtures to allow them to create a variety of  unique displays  for their designer offerings.

Under an ongoing contract, Means Of Production has delivered a series of platforms, oversized plexiglass display cases, and hanging glass panels suitable for interchangeable decals, as well as cabinetry, shelving, racks and wall-mounted displays, and conducts the annual installation and removal of Sak's extensive holiday decor.

THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW ~ Theatrical Scenery

WINNER: AIA 2016 Small Projects Award - Citation of Merit

With a mission to create innovative visual experiences, Chicago-based Ink Factory sought an office redesign that would provide flexible work stations, a private conference room, storage, and a central brainstorming area with access to whiteboards and media.  

Working from a design by Perimeter Architects, Means Of Production General Contracted, built, and installed the new space.  With multi-level desks leading to walkable integrated lounge platforms and storage cubbies (including a “Whisky Lounge” sleeping space for the office dog), steps up to the brainstorming areas double as seating, resulting in a space as versatile, unexpected, functional, and inspiring as Ink Factory 's work. 

Groupon prides itself on being a home for innovators, and on maintaining a workplace culture that challenges stereotypes and spurs creativity.  

In support of these goals, the Chicago HQ employed Means Of Production to design, craft and install several pieces, including a lobby "SpaceCat" centerpiece featuring the company's iconic mascot, World's Fair-themed seating for a secondary break area, and a sprawling Redwood Forest-themed employee lounge, meeting area, and lunchroom featuring a "hobbit" kitchen, and oversized boulders and "fallen trees" that provide both private work spaces and flexible group seating areas.

ARCADIA was the inaugural production in Writer's Theatre of Glencoe's new state of the art  complex, and with the eyes of the entire theater world watching, it was important that the set for their first show  be as impressive as the space it occupied.

Designed by Collette Pollard, the CNC engraved floor was flanked by massive curved "library" walls custom-painted to resemble the English countryside, and crowned by a  32-foot diameter 1,200lb dome constructed using a technique developed in-house at Means of Production, employing a steel truss surrounded by CNC-sculpted moulding.

INK FACTORY ~ Capital Improvements

WRITER'S THEATRE, 'ARCADIA' ~ Theatrical Scenery